Programs & Services At a Glance

These programs and services are for Louisiana residents. If you live outside of Louisiana, here's a handy link to the list of AT Act Programs in other states.

Assistive Technology

Three smiling kids, one with assistive head brace

AT Device Demonstration Program
An opportunity for individuals to become familiar with devices and to try them out before purchase.

AT Device Loan Program 
Borrow AT devices prior to purchasing, when a device is in repair, or while waiting for new equipment.

AT Financial Loan Program
Reduced-interest, fixed-rate, and extended-term loans to purchase AT equipment.

The AT Marketplace: Louisiana's Assistive Technology Classifieds 
Online and telephone-accessible listings of pre-owned AT devices for sale or donation.

Training & Technical Assistance

Body lift system demonstration

Training Activities 
Presentations, demonstrations, and exhibits related to AT devices and services.

Transition Services
Addresses AT needs when moving to post-secondary education/employment, or from an institutional setting to community living.

Technical Assistance Activities
Provides technical assistance to agencies and organizations by request.

Information & Assistance Services
Provides information to individuals with disabilities, older persons, caregivers, family members and service providers.


Glass meeting room door

Emergency Preparedness Program
A multi-pronged initiative to educate consumers and consumer support networks on disaster preparedness, as well as collaborating with state agencies and organizations to meet consumers’ AT needs during evacuation, sheltering, and recovery situations.

Provides opportunities for people to learn about Assistive Technology and its benefits.

Collaboration & Coordination Activities
Focus on increased access to AT devices and services through interagency collaboration and policy advocacy.