As the premier agency for Assistive Technology (AT) in Louisiana, LATAN provides training on AT Products and Services; AT Funding, Policy and Practice; IT and Telecommunication Access; AT in Emergency Preparedness; and AT in Transition.


The purpose of LATAN training activities is to increase participants’ knowledge, skills and competencies with regard to Assistive Technology. Each training activity offers clearly defined learning objectives and provides participants with resources related to the training delivered.


Each LATAN training event is designed to target a specific type of participant group. Some training events are specific to individuals with disabilities, older people and wounded warriors and their family members, while other trainings are specific to professionals who serve them. Most training activities encompass information that benefits individuals and professionals, alike.

Attending an Event

LATAN hosts training events periodically throughout the year. The calendar on the right side of this page posts upcoming training events. For more information about a posted event including location, fees and registration, click on the event in the calendar. As you review the training details, be sure to note the intended target audience to determine if this training is appropriate to meet your AT needs, although everyone is welcome to attend all training events.


LATAN’s Training Events are fee-based services and fees are dependent on the information presented, venue, number of participants, and materials provided to participants. Participants are considered to have registered for an event when LATAN receives a check, money order, or online credit card payment for the full event fee. In the event a training event is not held, participants will receive a refund.

Training events hosted by collaborative Agencies, Organizations, or Community Groups incurring training expenses may offer events at no cost to its participants.

To Register for a posted Training Event:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call: 1-800-270-6185

Participants pre-registering will receive an email confirming their registration for the event.

Each training event has been developed for audiences of 20 participants. Due to venue fees and other related expenses, LATAN requires a minimum of 10 pre-registered paid participants for the training to proceed as scheduled.

Pay for a Training online.

Host a Training

Agencies, Organizations, and Community Groups can request to host a LATAN training event for their staff and/or for individuals and professionals they serve. LATAN maintains a library of pre-developed training curricula regularly updated with the latest advances regarding Assistive Technology. Below is a list and brief summary of training curricula that LATAN has available for delivery at your event. For fees and availability, please contact us by phone at 1-800-270-6185 V/T.

Training Curricula CURRENTLY  Available                       *Target Audience

Assistive Technology 101:                                                  *Individuals & Professionals

Training provides individuals with disabilities, their family members, caregivers and professionals with an introduction to assistive technology including tips in self-assessment, general rules for selecting the most appropriate AT, and information on legislation in place to assist individuals in accessing AT.

Small Changes/Big Differences:            *Older Individuals & Professionals Serving Them

Training provides older individuals and professionals serving them with information on “Aging in Place” and includes 3 basic directives for maintaining independence: Benefits and Uses of AT, Environmental Intervention, and Fall Prevention.

AT in the Workplace: Best Practices for AT Assessment:        *Professionals

Training provides professionals with AT assessment models and best practices for identifying appropriate job accommodations for individuals with disabilities in their work environment. This training also includes an overview of AT specific to assist individuals with successful employment.

AT in Emergency Shelters:                                                 *Volunteers & Professionals

Training hosted through LAVA (Louisiana Volunteers in Action) and presented by Emergency Management Disability and Aging Coalition members, which includes LATAN. This training provides emergency response volunteers and professionals with an overview of AT beneficial to shelter residents with access and functional needs during disasters. For more information, visit LAVA at the Office of Public Health’s Center for Community Preparedness at or call 504-522-2337, ext. 130.

LATAN Emergency Preparedness Video©                                          Everyone

This Emergency Preparedness training tool is perfect to show to a group or watch as a family or alone in your home at your convenience, in its entirety or in segments. It is an all-inclusive video with ASL(American Sign Language) interpretation, Open Captioning, and some audio description. For more information, visit LATAN's Emergency Preparedness webpage or call 800-270-6185 V/T. ©2009 LATAN DVD.Portions TM & ©2007 by EAD & Associates, LLC. Further reproduction prohibited without prior written permission.


Watch for additional training curricula to be added.




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