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Book Holder – LEVO

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Sold By: LATAN


If you enjoy reading without a LEVO, then you’ll really enjoy reading with a LEVO. You’ve never experienced reading like this! The word “LEVO” is a Latin word meaning – “to raise, lift up, relieve, ease.” These are the exact functions the Levo BookHolder will provide you for years to come. This Levo BookHolder offers 6 unique movements to perfectly place your book in the most comfortable, ergonomic reading position. Whether reclining in your favorite chair, or lying in bed cozied up with your favorite novel, the Levo BookHolder will remove the stress of arched necks and fatigued hands. Our patented design allows our LEVO Book Holder to extend from either the right, or left side of your furniture. It’s quick and simple to adjust, and no tools are required.