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EZ-IN needle threader

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At last we’ve located a reliable needle threader for sewing machines. It’s time to end the frustration and eye fatigue caused when trying to thread the well known vertical sewing machine needle. This EZ-IN sewing machine threader will thread that needle with a press of a button in 3 easy steps.

Step One: Place the thread in the groove of the EZ-IN needle threader for sewing machines. Rest the point of the sewing machine needle at the end of the EZ-INs slot causing the EZ-IN threader to raise.

Step Two: Press the white button forward until the thread comes out and then release the white button.

Step Three: Pull out the thread until the short end comes out.
Put the EZ-IN away and sew to your hearts content! No more eye fatigue or annoyance when trying to thread your sewing machine with a new spool of thread.