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Human Ware Braille Note MPower

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A BrailleNote is a computer made by HumanWare for persons with visual impairments. It has either a braille keyboard or a Qwerty Keyboard, a speech synthesizer, and a 32- or 18-column refreshable Braille display, depending on model.

The BrailleNote GPS is an 18 or 32 cell BrailleNote with an External GPS module, BrailleNote GPS.

BrailleNote can use only the software provided by the manufacturer, although this can be upgraded.

Use of BrailleNote is suggested by the State University of New York Center for Assistive Technology and is sometimes purchased by colleges for use by the disabled. The BrailleNote product series, introduced in 2000, is regarded as being the first of its kind.

It is possible to obtain a visual interface to the data on a BrailleNote by attaching a computer with a terminal emulator such as Hyperterminal.

The BrailleNote mPower was introduced in June 2005 and had 128 megabytes of onboard memory and used DiskOnChip memory to avoid losing data if power is lost.