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Teen Zippie Iris Wheelchair


1 in stock

Sold By: LATAN


Zippie’s Iris features a unique slider tilt mechanism that rotates around the wheelchair’s centre of gravity, keeping the length of the Iris incredibly compact and the weight of the chassis to a minimum. Two tilt ranges are available – the standard 55° or a shorter 40° range that incorporates shortened sliders for even more weight reduction. In both cases, the tilt range can be shifted by 5° in either direction, allowing for either some anterior (forward) tilt to aid transfers, or further rearward tilt to take it up to 60°.

  • Arm support
  • Head support
  • Full body supported pads
  • 2 Adjustable Foot Plates and More…
Weight 9.9kg / 1st 8lb
Wheelchair Type: Tilt In Space Wheelchair, Childrens Wheelchair
Weight Capacity 75kg / 11st 11lb
Private Seller…Please contact LATAN once purchased