Employees with disabilities are thriving in many industries, from foodservice to the corporate world. Through the use of assistive technology and other types of support, independence in the workplace is achievable.  

The Los Angeles Times recently covered Brewability, a craft beer pub in the Denver suburbs run almost entirely by people with disabilities. The bartenders have cerebral palsy, autism, and Down syndrome. Some are blind, deaf or have traumatic brain injuries. 

As stated in the article, “a nearly blind barman judges a full glass by weight. The step-by-step brewing process appeals to those with autism, who crave routine. A partly deaf young man turns out to be a great listener.” 

As shown by Brewability, workers with disabilities have proven strengths and qualities valuable to the workforce. Additionally, workers with disabilities have the same or better performance ratings than workers who do not have a disability. A Harris poll revealed that 82 percent of managers reported it was not any harder to manage workers with disabilities than any other employee. 

As reiterated in the article, people just want to feel included. And through our programs and services here at LATAN, we’re working to make that happen. We envision a future in which individuals who use AT can achieve greater independence, are more satisfied with their lives and have greater access to their communities. 

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