Assessments offer an in-depth evaluation that is focused on matching a person’s abilities with technology that will allow performance of a specific task or goal.

Rehabilitation Services

LATAN provides AT assessments and seating and positioning assessments upon request for individual families and organizations. Fee-based services are free for service areas.

Whether it’s to support a return to work, a transition from school to work or a more accessible community life, LATAN offers the following assessments:

Occupational Therapy

LATAN offers in-person occupational therapy services as well as teletherapy services.

  • Individualized evaluations with patients
  • Customized interventions for patients to resume or pursue increased independence with daily occupations (self-care, leisure, work, etc.)
  • Recommendations for lifestyle design:
    • Home exercise programs for increasing overall strength and stress reduction.
    • Assistance in scheduling daily tasks to increase healthy habits for managing chronic diseases.
    • Home assessments for safety and fall prevention techniques


About our Provider

Lori Bevrotte Pannell, LOTR, BCTS, ECHM is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a graduate of Louisiana State University Health Science Center of New Orleans. A long-standing member of the American Occupational Therapist Association (AOTA), she is also a Board-certified Occupational Therapist and a Telepractice Specialist. Lori has dedicated the past 17 years to performing OT within both in-and outpatient settings in Louisiana and Texas. Lori’s extensive expertise includes serving diverse patient populations including those with chronic illnesses such as a stroke/TBI and cancer and ranging from pediatrics to older adults. Helping patients improve independence and achieve a greater quality of life, Lori offers OT evaluations to establish individualized treatment plans for the use of adaptive techniques or equipment and includes families/caregivers in training to promote a continuum of care in the home. Incorporating assistive technology as part of her practice, Lori also offers assessments for home modification accessibility and fall prevention.


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Medicaid, Medicare, and some commercial insurances are accepted. 

Sliding Fee available, and patients may be seen regardless of ability to pay.


Educational Technology Assessments
Makes assistive technology recommendations based on the physical and cognitive needs of students as they pursue vocational goals.
Computer Access Assessments
Provides recommendations on an array of adaptive hardware and software to allow physical access to a computer-based device.
Home Access Modification Assessments
Examines the home and provides recommendations to improve access and remove barriers.
Seating and Positioning Assessments
Evaluates the correct body alignment, size and other measurements that result in the custom design of a wheelchair and seating systems.
Worksite Assessments
Provides recommendations to overcome workplace barriers and increase the productivity of employees or prospective employees.
For service fee information and scheduling, please contact:

Rehabilitation Services Office:


AT Demonstration Center                                         Business Office

10988 N Harrells Ferry Rd., Suite 5                            3042 Old Forge Dr., Suite D

Baton Rouge, LA 70816                                                Baton Rouge, LA 70808

LATAN is a 501(c)(3) statewide nonprofit organization with the mission to help people of all ages with functional limitations or disabilities to gain greater independence at work, home, or school through the use of Assistive Technology(AT).



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