Our Financial Loan Program provides truly unique and more accessible loans toward assistive technology.

AT Financial Loans and Leasing

Alternative Financing Services

LATAN’s Alternative Financing options make assistive technology more affordable and accessible.

To help residents of Louisiana with disabilities access the assistive technology they need, we offer the AT Lease Program. We designed this program with the goal of making it more flexible and accessible. Furthermore, we want you to feel empowered and in control every step of the way, so we will guide you from start to finish through the program.

The AT Lease Program makes getting assistive technology for a longer term simpler and more affordable. With two distinct leasing options, zero interest monthly payments, and the ability to cancel at any time, our unique program helps you obtain the AT you need for as long as you need it.


For more information about our Alternative Financing Services, please call our Baton Rouge office at 225-925- 9500.

The AT Lease Program – A New Way to Pay

For many AT Users and their families, getting assistive technology is not always simple. Essential assistive technology can sometimes be too expensive and may only be needed for a few months. This can leave families with the trouble of keeping devices they may no longer need. Additionally, more people would be better able to get their assistive technology if they could pay for their devices over time instead of all at once. LATAN recognizes these issues, and we’ve developed a simple, affordable solution.

LATAN’s brand new AT Lease Program is unlike any other lease you’ve heard of. Our leases are zero interest, which means your payments remain affordable and never increase over time. Also, you can cancel your lease at any time with no penalty or cancellation fees. Our AT Lease Program gives you two great options to help make the assistive technology you need more affordable.

Traditional Lease – This lease option allows you to lease the assistive technology for 6 months at a time. You may renew the lease as many times as you need.

Here are some examples of how much you can save:
Portable Magnifier: $695 You pay $11.58 per month
Electronic Patient Lift: $1399 You pay $23.32 per month

Lease-to-own – This special option lets you own your leased items when the lease has been completed. Rather than purchasing a device outright, this option allows you to access the device now and pay for it over a term. You may choose the number of months (6,12,18, or 24) you wish to lease the items over.

You also have the option to transition from a traditional lease to the lease-to-own option, and your previous payments will apply to your lease-to-own rate.

Items: You can lease any assistive technology item valued between $150 and $20,000 that does not fall into the following categories: home modifications, vehicle modifications, modified vehicles, prescription/customized items. For those items, we recommend our Financial Loan Program.

Qualifications: To determine approval for a lease, we require proof of your monthly income and look at your monthly expenses.

To get started with our AT Lease Program, please contact our Baton Rouge office at info@latan.org, or by phone at 225-925-9500 and request an AT Lease Application.

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LATAN is a 501(c)(3) statewide nonprofit organization with the mission to help people of all ages with functional limitations or disabilities to gain greater independence at work, home, or school through the use of Assistive Technology(AT).

Payment Options: We accept Healthy Blue, LA Healthcare Connections, AmeriHealth, Caritas, Medicare, Private Pay and a Sliding Fee Scale is available.

Device Demonstrations and items available on the AT Marketplace are available at no charge. For other services, such as the availability of Hotspots and tablets, assistance via the AT Lease program or Device Loan is available.

Note: For low-income families, additional options for acquisition are available.

For these services and more, LATAN can assist with navigating or even, tailoring a program to meet individual needs as applicable to ensure access to technology.

Safety: As an accredited AT/DME provider, LATAN has PPE available and has been following OSHA, CDC, and Medicare guidelines for proper cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing all devices on display in our Demo Center, as well as those available for borrowing and on the AT Marketplace. For individuals and families who are uncomfortable with face to face visits, services may be conducted virtually, and "some" devices may be shipped by mail.

Contact us for additional information.



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