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LATAN is devoted to helping people of all ages with functional limitations or disabilities to gain greater independence. The AT Marketplace is an online database that allows access to new or gently used assistive technology to all Louisiana residents.



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Gretta of West Monroe applied for our AT Financial Loan Program to purchase a modified van with a lift for her power wheelchair. As a single parent of two and a full-time student, Gretta had lots of driving to do!

Not having access to a van with a lift meant she had to use her manual wheelchair and disassemble/reassemble it every time she needed to drive.

After Gretta applied and her loan was approved, she got her van! Gretta told us how much simpler driving had become. “I roll my wheelchair onto the lift and go right in the van. With a quick transfer, I’m good to go.”

Gretta also shared that the van was more than just convenient transportation for her. “I can enjoy life. Without the LATAN program, I don’t think I would have been able to finish school. It has truly changed my life.”

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LATAN is a 501(c)(3) statewide nonprofit organization with the mission to help people of all ages with functional limitations or disabilities to gain greater independence at work, home, or school through the use of Assistive Technology(AT).



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