See an occupational therapist without leaving your home!


A few of the most common terms today are teletherapy, telemedicine, and telehealth. However, very few people seem to understand the meaning of what these fields entail as well as the roles that they play in a person’s healthcare organization.

So, what is telehealth? 

What does telehealth mean and what are telehealth / teletherapy services?

In layman’s language, telemedicine, telehealth, and teletherapy are terms that represent the transfer and exchange of medical information between different sites. From the American Telemedicine Association’s point of view; telemedicine, as well as telehealth, are defined by the transmission of still images, patient’s consultations through video conferencing, patient portals, remote control and monitoring of vital signs, continuing medical education, patient-focused wireless applications, and nursing call centers as well as other applications.

Thanks to telemedicine programs, health facilities can ensure that patients receive the best care possible when that care is in their hometown or even hundreds of miles away.

LATAN is excited to announce the addition of teletherapy services to their clients.

This will now allow for virtual:

  • Individualized evaluations with patients
  • Customized interventions for patients to resume or pursue increased independence with daily occupations (self-care, leisure, work, etc.) 
  • Recommendations for lifestyle design: 
    • Home exercise programs for increasing overall strength and stress reduction 
    • Assistance in scheduling daily tasks to increase healthy habits for managing chronic diseases 
    • Home assessments for safety and fall prevention techniques 

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Medicaid, Medicare and some commercial insurances are accepted. Sliding Fee available, and patients may be seen regardless of an inability to pay. Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network (LATAN) is the federal Assistive Technology (AT) ACT program for Louisiana. Working throughout Louisiana, LATAN serves residents with disabilities or functional limitations who need AT devices, including some durable medical equipment, AT services, family member/caregiver information, and other resources needed to promote a better quality of life for all.